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Versatile audio conversion tool with support for a wide variety of formats
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FLAC MP3 Converter might as well be called AIFF WAV Converter, WMA Ogg Converter, or AVI DTS Audio Extractor. Actually, it supports nearly a hundred audio and video formats, and it is a comprehensive multi-format conversion tool that you can also use to extract the soundtrack of nearly any video file you can think of.

The program's minimalist interface is merely a big empty area with a small menu on the left hand side. This large white area has been put there to allow you to select a long list of files for the program to batch-convert using the audio codec of your choice. The more the merrier. If you want it quick and dirty, this main window is all you need to learn about this tool - here you can add your source files, select an output format (meaning that you accept whatever default values are associated to it), and start the conversion process. An extra button here will allow you to merge all the selected files into one, a process that will also convert all the source files on the fly into the output format selected (when necessary).

However, if you want to really be in charge, then you should open the Options window, choose any of the 35+ tabs (each marked with an audio or video file extension) and tweak whatever settings apply to that specific codec. Not all formats supported are represented here - only those with concrete, codec-specific parameters have been awarded their own tab. Here you will also find a tab for editing the ID3 tags present in some audio files. It supports ID3v2 tags, and it will let you automate the tagging process and add your own custom tags.

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  • FLAC and MP3 are only two of the many audio codecs supported
  • Includes an ID3v2 editor
  • Allows you to merge audio files in different formats into one new audio file
  • Extracts audio from nearly any video file


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